our sushi

Sushi Bar Shu focuses on serving consistent quality food using the best seasonal ingredients over the world. We never stop learning from our experiences and collaborating with other chefs to deliver unforgettable dining experience to customers.

Our vision is to create an exquisite traditional Japanese Edomae style sushi experience with a relaxing, social environment.

We kindly invite you to join us and watch as we expertly and swiftly prepare each and every mouth-watering course for you.
uni chawanmushi

our chefs

With over 30 years of shared culinary experience between the two, Chef Kevin (left) and Chef Danny (right) bring their shared expertise to life an unforgettable dining experience.

Precision, technique and thoughtfulness go into each and every dish that we serve. This is just a fraction of the omakase experience you can enjoy here at Sushi Bar Shu. ‍

We love conversations with our guests and hope that your experience with us is not only delicious, but welcoming and intimate..


our menu

cancellation policy

1. Same day cancellations and no shows will be charged $68 +tax per person in the reservation. To avoid these charges, you must provide sufficient notice as defined below:

  • to change or cancel a reservation for 2 or less guests, provide 24 hours notice
  • to change or cancel a reservation for 3 or more guests, provide 48 hours notice

2. Any deposits charged at the time of reservation is non-refundable. If the reservation is cancelled, the deposit will remain as restaurant credit and must be redeemed within 30 days from the original reservation.

3. If the number of guests in the reservation is reduced without sufficient notice, each missing person will be considered a no-show and charged $68 +tax.

If you have any questions about our cancellation policy, please contact us via email, phone or text.